Travel-Agent-TourShe was 30. She was feeling old. She needed to step out into the world and get her mojo back. After two years as a travel agent my friend Gina knew the places she wanted to visit through brochures, the occasional family trip and the stories of returning clients. It was time to make a change.

One day a chauffeured driven limousine pulled up to the curb outside the small office of Bon Voyage Travel. Antonia Morales stepped out and came into the agency to share the news that her family was opening vacation properties on the Yucatan Peninsula. The east coast of Mexico was primed for tourism and the Morales family was sitting on some the most valued real estate in all of Mexico.

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cruise shipCruising might sound like something you do when you get older. Think again!
The cruise lines are catering to every generation from tots to tea totelers.

We want a vacation experience – whatever it is, to over deliver. If we prefer to scale mountains or chill next to the pool, today’s cruises offer both and everything in between. When we spend our hard earned cash on an unfamiliar experience, we should be willing to be more open minded, but naturally we still want to get our money’s worth.

Being in the limousine business I know what luxury is all about and how to deliver it. When I set out to investigate cruise options for our next vacation, I had a discerning eye. I wanted quality and admittedly, I have a pretty high standard since I deliver nothing less through my own limo business.

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